POST /Login

The Login API allows users to generate an AuthToken, this can be used with other APIs to securely access available information.

The Login public API was added in v2022.2 - April 2022

A valid user account with ResourceXpress will be required to use this API.
The user's Role will determine which APIs they are granted access to.

Once you have successfully received the AuthToken, store this value for use with other APIs.
Take note of the expiry date, by default, the AuthToken will expire after 30 minutes.

If you are using ResourceXpress On-Prem then you will need to modify the “AuthTokenExpiry” value found in the web.config file.

On your ResourceXpress server navigate to the RX install location. By default, this is C:\inetpub\wwwroot.

Open the web.config file in your preferred text editor.

Find the “AuthTokenExpiry” option, under <appSettings>.
If this value does not exist, add the below line.

<add key="AuthTokenExpiry" value="1800" />

Update the value to your desired duration in seconds.

Using the API

Request Type


Request URL


Headers (required)

{ "X-Requested-With": "" }

Body (required)

{ "EmailId": "<your-rx-email-address>", "Password": "<your-rx-password>" }

Example Response

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