Aura-X Quick Start Guide

Device Overview

Front View

Rear View

Mounting Instructions

This room panel accepts an MIS-D (75 mm x 75 mm) VESA-Compliant mounting interface and the recommended screw is M4 x 10 mm excluding bracket thickness.

Fixing the screws using the two corners at the bottom of the flush mount and the screw at the center top is recommended for an easier, faster, and more stable installation.

Entering the Settings Menu

For security reasons the Aura-X will run the expected web content after it boots up. If you are the designated technical contact for an Aura-X site, please contact for instructions to enter the settings menu. You can also contact our support team using the below numbers.


Contact Number


Contact Number


+1 (201)-256-1601

UK and Rest of the world

+44 (1934) 836 960

Setting the Date and Time

The configured device time zone has no impact on the clock when viewed from the ResourceXpress room profile web page, this is syncronised with the ResourceXpress web app and uses the application configured time zone.

Setting the device time zone correctly is important to ensure the screen performs a nightly auto reboot outside of working hours.

From the Basic settings screen tap the currently configured date and time under Time zone

Tap the option Select time zone from the Date & time screen

Select your region from the list (you can also use the search option to find a region). If your region has multiple time zones you will need to select the relevant time zone from the listed options.

To save the changes tap the main menu icon at the bottom of the screen, you will be taken back to the Basic settings screen.


Connecting to the Network

By default, Ethernet is enabled and set to use DHCP. WiFi is disabled by default. Please expand the sections below for advanced network configuration.

By default Wi-Fi is disabled, to enable select Wireless LAN from the Basic Settings screen.

Tap on the switch at the top right to turn Wi-Fi on, then tap the correct network SSID.

If required enter the password.

If a static IP needs to be configured, continue onto the next section, if not click Connect.

Configure Static IP (Wi-Fi)

When setting up Wi-Fi check the Advanced options checkbox to expand the list of options.

Under IP settings expand the list and change DHCP to Static.

Fill out static IP settings then tap Connect.

To use Ethernet connect a LAN cable to the Ethernet port.

Network details will appear under NetworkEthernet on the Basic Settings screen.

Configure Static IP (Ethernet)

To configure static details whilst using Ethernet, select Ethernet from the Basic Settings screen.

This will display an overview of the Network settings. Tap Modify network.

Under the IP settings section expand the option DHCP, and choose Static.

Continue to enter the required Static details.

Click Save to confirm.

Connecting to ResourceXpress

From the Basic Settings screen tap Advanced, found in the top right of the screen.

Do not use the Set content option on this screen. Using this option to set the URL will result in unexpected behaviour.

Navigate to Content → AppStart

Enter the ResourceXpress profile URL into the URL field.

Please review the URL before saving and check for any typos or auto-correct adjustments.

Tap the Set button.
Return to the Basic Settings screen using the back arrow found in the top left of the screen, or view the profile by tapping Play from the left menu.

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